Estate of Dr. William Jones

Col. Moses Rawlings Great-Grandfather

28 Nov 1678 Anne Arundel CO MD- estate of William Jones
Inventory appraised by Samuell Lane and Francis Stockett.
Source:Rootsweb September 2002 Mailing List Archive, Cope family

1) George COAPE- (George Coape will 5 Aug 1727- 12 July 1728 Prince George CO MD- listes- dau. Sarah Cooke exr; grd-dau. Rachell Hill, Grd-son-law William Barnesbee, Grd-son William Cook.Test: Benjamin Lawrence, Richard Harrison and William Smith. above will proved at the request of William Barnesbee, brother-in-law to Rachell HILL. )

2) Ninian Bell/Beale- (Ninian Beall will Prince George CO MD- 15 Jan 1717-to son George 480 acres on Rock Creek, to son Charles 1,000 acres Dunn Back on Watts Creek, southside of Choptank.To grd-dau Mary Beall and hiers ) dau. of dec.d son Ninian ) remaining part of Bacon Hill, to grd-son Samuel Beall and hiers- Water Mill on Collington Branch, to son-in-law Andrew Hambleton - personality, to son-in-law Joseph BELT 245 acres sons Charles , Joseph belt and George listed.Test: John BUSEY, Rebecca Getward and Ed. Willet.)

3) Capt. Thomas BEASON- (not sure if this is a Beason he is listed Besson by Robert W. Barnes- The Beasons' are found New Castle CO DE related to Grubb, Buckley who have ties to the Buffingtons who have ties to the Copes. Thomas Besson-b) 1606 age listed 68 in 1674- marr. Hester will- 15 Oct 1677- 29 Apr 1679- sons- John, William, Thomas, dau. Martha , Hester -son-in-law Nicholas GASSAWAY who marr. Hester.)

4) John Beale

5) Edward Dorsey

6) Cornelius Howard

7) Col. William Burgess

8) John Foster and Edward Foster

9) John GATHER/Gaither - (this name found in Rowan CO NC with the Owings)

10) Anthony De Montidier- (Robert W. Barnes - has him listed- says- Anthony Demondidier b) in France -transported to MD between 1653-1656- wife Katherine dau. of Herkier- naturalized 1671 - purchased land 1675 was taxable in northside Patapsco Hundred 1692- justice of Baltimore CO court 1679/80 will 2 Oct 1693- 6 Nov 1693 named wife Martha -son Anthony daus. Eliza and Eliza Horton of London- has son Anthony d) by 19 Feb 1713 marr. Alice who posted bond on that date with Charles MERRIMAN- he has MD Boone ties- Inv. John Thomas and Joseph Gostwick, val. at 38.15.5 pnds, signed by Edward Stevenson and Nicholas Fitzsimmons, wife Alice died by 10 Oct 1715 admin bond posted by Charles MERRIMAN Sr, and John Gardner with Richard OWINGS and George Cole- her inv. 20 Oct 1715 by GARRETT GARRETTSON and John Clark- John and Elizabeth LOW listed . Info on Charles Merriman- son Samuel marr. Mary widow of Thomas Eager- Note: Eager listed with Howard. Mary Eager is listed the dau. of Humphrey BOONE will 1709. Samuel Merriman/Merryman & Mary have son 1) Samuel listed at Quaker marriage of John Parrish to Mary Price 30.1.1744 Gunpowder MM. 2) dau Rbecca Merriman marr. John Price , 3) dau. Keturah marr. Thomas Price 1 July 1732 Gunpowder MM and 2nd William Parrish 25 feb 1743 Gunpowder MM.

11) Edward Parish

12) Peter Barnard

13) Richard Beard Sr and JR. and John Beard

14) Benjamin Lawrence- on the will of George Coape 1727-28

15) Thomas Plumer

16) Andrew Norwood--(Robert W. Barnes -says Andrew Norwood d) ca 1701 son of Capt. John Norwood - Note: all and any Owings related family are listed here on these early Anne Arundel CO MD records and its' time to go a hunten for the Owen/Owings in Anne Arundel CO MD says I David the Bounty Hunter Cope- )

17) William Ridgely - chekc out Howard family listings

18) John Powell

19) John Durden- May have been son of Stephen Durden/Darden (d.c.1680 Nansemond Co., Va.). Darden site has this:4 iii. John 'Durden' Darden was born before 1715, the first event for which there is a recorded date. John died 1715 at age unknown. From Darden: (See also note under his father.) “John Durden, of Ann Arundel Co., Md., will dated Oct 9, 1715, proved March 9, 1716/6. His wife, Eliza, received 150 acres of life and all other property; the land to revert to a son if any; otherwise to Dorthy Collingsworth. No Ch. Mentioned. He provided for the freeing 2 slave ch. at age 21 and therefore may have been a Quaker. (Md. Wills 14, 87; Annapolis.)” John Durden is called “son” by John Bayley in BayleyÕs 1710 will. A John Durden, of Anne Arundel County, aet about 30, in 1706 [b.c. 1674] is a deponent - Wills, xii,4. (Prerogative Court). Maryland Deponents 1634-1799, by Henry C. Peden, Jr. Willow Bend Books, Westminster, Md. 1-800-876-6103, 1995. [Note: It would seem, unless minors were listed as debtors to Dr. William Jones estate, that there are two John Durdens here, one who was a patient of Dr. Wm. Jones prior to 1678, and who may have died, and whose widow may have married John Bayley, and perhaps his son, born c.1674 who died c. March 9 1716, at age 40, leaving a wife Elizabeth-- and who may have been expecting a son, or who may have fathered unknown sons?]

20) Robert Proctor

21) Walter Phelps

22) William Roper

23) James Fressell

24) John Wheler

25) Samuel Garland

26) Francis Crisman

27) John Dring

28) James Saunders

29) Nathaniel Heathcott

30) Henry Kidd

31) William Fergasson

32) Robert Conant

33) Hugh Reiley

34) John Stimpson

35) John Thomas

36) Edmon Purdow

37) John Gray

38) John Jones

39) Joane Tailor

40) Robert Sidebottom

41) Anthony Rawlins

42) William Parker

43) Robert Harvey

44) John Gressam

45) Raichard Everyway

46) William Ramsey

47) Tobias Sumers

48) William Boman

49) John Building

50) John Bannister

51) John Carpenter

52) Thomas Seaborne

53) Thomas Lunn

54) Thomas Madox

55) John Armstrong

56) John Jacobs

57) Francis Collier

58) Edward Brock

59) Leonard Hayman

60) Estate of Edwad Roe

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