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Anthony Rawlings I -1646
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Anthony Rawlings I 1645- (page 2)

Berkeley County, Va.

Londontowne & South River

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Family Relationships and origins of the various Maryland Rawlings have been elusive, and important relationships may not have survived in the records. But the records provide clues to their lives, and the conditions which motivated their actions, or thwarted their dreams and desires.

Other Rawlings which appear in the early records of Maryland are: Anthony Rawlings (1637), St. Mary's County, Nicholas Rawlings, Charles County (and Stafford County, Virginia); Daniel Rawlings, Calvert County, Paul Rawlings/Raulins, Prince Georges County, William Rawlings, Anne Arundel and Prince Georges County, Richard Rawlings and Aaron Rawlings, Anne Arundel County.

Rawlins (Rawling), Anthony, pg. 109 [Estate of Justinian Snow : 1639], pg. 116 [Contract w/ John Lewger.];pg. 144 [Sues John Dandy for share of a hog, and 4 and a half days of labor in 1640. John Dandy is a blacksmith who is convicted of murdering an Indian Child, and sentenced to death, but this name appears in the records after, perhaps a son, also a smith, who seems to specialize in gunsmitthing.], pg. 155 [John Thatcher hasn’t paid A. Rawlings for a crop that Rawlings sold him], 157[Lewger rules in favor of Rawlings in John Dandy case],pg. 159 [Rawlings sues “ifranclin” and “B>Macrill” for taking a boat from Jo. Halfhides landing place], [also: Robinson sues A. Rawlings for price of tenement at the Fort, since tenement has been taken away by 181[ Juror in manslaughter case: an historic case: Gov. dismissed prev. jury for "not guilty" finding in case of murdered Indian. Jury asserted that victim had no standing, because was a pagan, then found not guilty by self-defense. Rawlings on new Jury], pg.230 [Rawlings and others summoned for not paying the promised contribution for the maintenance of the garrison at Fort C----], pg.249 [Anthony Rawlings and Robt Smith don’t show up for their hearing on their contribution money], 276 [appears in account of his lops cattle],  307 [William Brough v. Anthony Rawlings], Rawlins, Joane, 310.-deposed in case of dogs besetting hogs]pg.:311[Anthony Rawlings deposed in dogs/hogs case] ;pg. 326[beneficiary in estate of R. Cox] , pg. 331 [Action as Administrator of Richard Cox agst debtor to estate], pg. 333 [In case of Phennick, whom Rawlings sued as Admin of Cox, case is dismissed];pg. 342[complaints against Gerrard (dating from 1644) and Hudson], 344[deposition in Hudson corn-pulling case], pg. 345 [court rules for Rawlings in Hudson corn-pulling case], 346[Rawlings withdraws case against Gerrard] , pg.349-350 [C. Fenwick v. Rawlings; Gerrard testifies for Rawlings, wit. account of Fenwick while aboard Ingle’s ship], pg. 360[In Fenwick case, Rawlings requests Jury trial, confessing to debt but says Ingle has corn, Jury acquits him] ;pg. 367[Rawlings v. Stavely;pg. 367-368[ Margaret Brent’s ackn. that she sold a heiffer to Rawlings and rec’d satisfaction; Rawlings reports estate of Richard Cox.] ,pg. 373 [Rawlings v. Clarke]; pg.380[ Appointed to Jury of all cases 1648, because a quorum not present] , pg. 382<[Rawlings v. (three separate cases)], pg.383 [Rawlings testifies in case of Harditch and Copley, re: calf/cow],pg. 388 [Appears as creditor in Calvert Estate]pg. 411: [Rawlings v. Brent]; 414[Rawlings v. Brent], 415[Rawlings test. re: Clarke’s payment to him]; pg. 416 [Rawlings held to testify in Harditch case] ,  pg. 424 [Humphrey Howell, hus. of Blanch Oliver, v. Rawlings (and Nath: Pope] [also: Thos. Passmore assigns 100 acres of land to Anthony Rawlings]

pg. 424-425[ Testimony in the Rawlings v. Brent case; Giles Brent accuses Rawlings and Harditch of conspiracy], 428[Brent vs. Rawlings for conspiracy] ,
pg.430[fined for non-appearance in court, poss. for jury-duty], 431[Howell v. Rawlings; ruling for Rawlings] ,
432[Howell v. Rawlings, for gun from Rawlings, which Sherriff seized] [Also, Rawlings about the Brent/S heiffer],
435[ Rawlings sues Posey for selling him a gun which did not belong to him], 444[warrant for jury], 
  446[Rawlings v. est. of Hallows of Appomattox for transporting out man who owed him sizable debt] {also, Guest v. Rawlings, Ed Hull to testify for Rawlings],
447 [Warrant for jury duty] , 450[Petition of Anthony Rawlings re: ?], 465[Hull testifies for Rawlings in Guest v. Rawlings. Guest was Rawlings atty in Fenwick case, and Hull testifies that Guest accepted an axe in payment] ,
474[Rawlings and other plaintiffs fail to appear in their cases against Hallows], 476[Ralph Beane sues numerous parties, incl. Anthony Rawlings] ,
485[Brent servant testifies as to what Rawlings said when he was sent to fetch cow],
487 [Robert Robins maketh oath that sometime in September 1647 hee being at the House of Richard Grigson at the back River in Virginia informed the said Grigson that this deponent was then shortly to come to Maryland who therevppon tould this depont that hee had then  a Heifer in his Penne belonging vnto one Anthony Rawlins of  Maryland...] 488-489 [Brent/Ewre v. Rawlings re: plundered calf] ,
489[ Rawlings as Admin. of Richard Cox estate]
490[ Beane v. Rawlings], 495 [Registers his cattle and their marks] , 501[ Appraiser of Francis Poseyes crop (1647),
508[Gives daughters Margaret and Anne cows and registers their marks], [Rawlins, Margaret, 508. Rawlins, Anne, 508. ]
511[Referred to as Anthony Rawlinson, receives Quiet Est for estate of Richard Cox-1647],
521[Rawlins v. Ashley],  522[Rawlings v. Marks Pheypo, 524[Brookes ffrancis r Charles Rawlingson Case Warrt inde r  cod; Indexers put Charles Rawlinson ref. under Anthony]
, 539[Rawlings v. Pheypo, 540-1[ Margaret Brent admits that Rawlings cow never did belong to her decd brother, Giles, and she is ordered to return it}, 545[?].   
Rawlins, Joane, 310.  Rawlins, Margaret, 508. Rawlins, Anne, 508. Rawlinson (Rawlison, Rawlyson), Charles, 301, 384.

Maryland Archives, Vol. 4

References to Paul and William Rawlings, Court Records of Prince George's County, Maryland
Raulins, Paul: 375, 430;Rawlings, Paule: 614; Rawlings, Paul (Taney v.): 107, 115-16;
Rawlings (Rawlins), William, admrx of (Alien v) 210, 215, 275, 289, 293, 320, 323, 339.

Maryland Archives, Vol. 202

Catholic church in St. Marys, c. 1671
George Calvert wanted to establish separation between Church and State, but the Calverts were thwarted in this effort by the Virginia Company "Puritans" when Cromwell took power, and again after the "Glorious Revolution" when William and Mary took advantage of opportunists in the Colonies to demand an Oath of Allegiance to the Church of England.