Name: Aaron RAWLINGS
Birth: 1667 Anne Arundel Co., MD
Death: 6 Apr 1741 Anne Arundel Co., MD
- All Hallows Parish
Occupation: Planter
Father: Anthony RAWLINGS (2) (1643-1709)

[Note: This is a controversial assertion, but one piece of possible evidence of a connection, is that an Anthony Rawlings appears on the long list of patients who owed Dr. William Jones (Susanna Jones’ father) money at the time of Dr. Jones death.]

Mother: Catherine

1: Susanna JONES1Birth: ca 1677
Death: [Incorrect date-see depostion 1745]1 Dec 1723
Father: Dr. William JONES (ca1650-ca1680)
Mother: BEARD [?]
Marriage: ca 1694 Anne Arundel Co., MD
    Daniel (1695-ca1772)
    William (ca->1744)
    Aaron (1706-ca1757)m.Susanna, sister of Richard Beard
    Moses (1708-1741)
    Jonathan (ca1720-1784)
    Stephen (ca1721-1783)
    Ann (-1762)

Image from “Calvert County Living”, “Maidstone, It’s History” excerpted from an article
by Anne Whisman in the August 1980 Chesapeake Country Life. Black and white pictures scanned from printed photos by Tom Bland and Lesley Hicks Kuczera.

The Scotch system of naming children which was often followed although not always strictly adhered to was to have the first male child named after the paternal grandfather, the second male child named after the maternal grandfather and the third male after the father. Likewise the first female child was named after the maternal grandmother, the second female child after the paternal grandmother and the third female child after the mother ... The Scottish Genealogical Helper. No 4, 1975.

Notes for Aaron RAWLINGS
10 Apr 1699 - purchased "Young's Lot". 300 acres in Baltimore Co.

1703 - John Gadsby conveyed to Aaron Rawlings “Brown’s Adventure” located in Baltimore Co.

6 July 1703 - bought 200 acres in Prince Georges Co. called “Toper’s Range” [Note: I believe this may have been “Roper’s Range”, which may have been the former orig. patent “Ryley’s Range, which was in the described location] , between the Western Branch and Collington Branch.:folio 109 Indenture, 6 Jul 1703. From: Richard CLARKE of Anne Arundel County, Gent. To: Aaron Rawlins, planter of Anne Arundel County. Thomas ROPER of Prince George's County by indenture 17 Apr 1702 did convey unto Richard CLARKE 200 acres of land part of a greater tract called "Roper's Range"; Richard CLARKE sold this land for 243 pounds to Aaron RAWLINS; Bounded by land of Samuel DUVALL and Richard BUTTS. Signed: Richard CLARKE. Witnessed: Edward MERIARTE and Mareen DUVALL Memorandum: 26 Jul 1703 Elizabeth CLARKE was examined by Richard JONES, Jr. and Samuel CHAMBERS. Alienation: 10 Nov 1703 the sum of 8s for 200 acres paid by Aaron RAWLINGS. Certification: Richard JONES and Samuel CHAMBERS, Justices of the Peace in Anne Arundel County, acknowledged this deed before J. BOARDLEY, Cleark for Anne Arundel County. Recorded: 18 Sep 1704 ["Land Records of Prince George's County, Maryland, 1702 to 1709", Abstacted by Elise Greenup JOURDAN from the Microfilm CR 49,514-2 Prince George's County Court Records Liber C, Archives of Maryland, at pp. 25, 26]

16 October 1703 - Grantor John Contee, Plymouth in County of Devon, Kingdom of England, merchant. [Note: this may have been a relative of George Burgess, whose dau.? m. a Contee in England] Grantee Aaron Rawlings AA Co., planter - Consideration £350 - Description: Henry Stockett, late of AA Co., dec’d, [the Burgesses and Stocketts had also intermarried] was possessed of tract called Bridge Hill, lying to the north of the Manor of Ann Arundell, in the woods, by Stockett’s Run, bounded by Taylor’s Choice, by Beard’s Habitation. and by Dodon, surveyed for Francis Stockett, Gent, containing 563 acres. [Francis Stockett was a Charles I loyalist, who fled to France, and then to Maryland. He was a Protestant, but his family had worked for the Royal Family.] Bridge Hill is to be divided into three equal parts: one part for Francois Stockett, wife of Peter Conteee, daughter of Henry Stockett; another part for Henrica Stockett, wife of Thomas Berry, daughter of Henry Stockett; and the third part for Katherine Stockett, wife of Henry Rhodes of AA Co. The third for Katherine Rhodes is to be the southernmost part, adjoining the plantation where Henry Rhodes now lives. This Indenture includes the two-thirds part of the land called Bridge Hill.

16 October 1703 - purchased from George Burgess all the messuage and tenement or plantation called “Situated on the Ridge"

2 Nov 1703 - sold the southernmost part of a tract called 'Jones Lott' - Sarah Rawlins Witnessed.

19 Nov 1703 - James Heath records the deed from John Contee to Aaron Rawlings

30 Nov 1703 “then rec'd of Joseph Hawkins, 1 black horse called 'Coneselter', being due to John Rawlings for legacy left him by his father-in-law, Phillip Griffin. Signed Aaron Rawlings, Guardian of John Rawlings, orphan of Richard Rawlings, late of Anne Arundel, dec'd."

30 Dec 1703 - "I, Aaron Rawlings, have taken the guardianship of a certain John Rawlings, orphan to Richard Rawlings, late of AA County, dec'd. to which said orphan here is rec'd of his father's estate the sum of 4.08.07 in the hands of Joseph Hawkins, I acknowledge the receipt of said money and oblige myself to pay said sum to said orphan when he shall come of age."

17 Mar 1704 - A warrant of resurvey was granted to Aaron Rawlings, AA Co. for a tract called Bridgehill. The tract originally laid out for Richard Beard, AA Co.

10 May 1704 - acquired third part of tract called 'Bridge Hill'.

19 Mar 1705
- Grantors: Aaron Rawlings, AA Co., planter and Susanna, his wife, heir of Doct. William Jones, dec’d. - Grantee - Charles Tilly - Description: Tract called "TIMBERNECK". JONES purchased land from RICHARD BEARD, SR., who was grantee of RICHARD TAYLOR, who had purchased it from RICHARD HUGGINS, the original patentee. Land on south side of South River, north side of Beard's Creek at Jacob's Creek, east side of Shepherd's Cove. 100 acres. RAWLINGS also conveyed to him 50 acres of a 100-acre tract called WEST PADDINGTON.Other pertinent information: Walter Phelps, SR., of A.A.Co. verified the above. AARON RAWLINGS also acknowledged the sale and the court was satisfied, Re-recorded at the request of Charles Tilly. [A Richard Taylor m. August 1687 to Ann Trasey [Tracy] of Anne Arundel County at William Richardson's at West River.] Anne was the heir of Samuel Tracey of Baltimore County, presumably his daughter.]

3 May 1705 - Aaron borrowed 390 pounds from John Contee, pledging the 563 acres of “Bridge Hill” , with due date of 3 November 1706. Susanna Rawlings released her dower

19 Mar 1705 - Grantors: Aaron Rawlings, AA Co. planter, and Susanna, his wife, heir of Dr. Wm. Jones, dec’d. Grantee - Charles Tilly - sold land called Timberneck, which he had been given by his wife's father, to Charles Tilly, AA Co. - Tract called “Timberneck” 100 acres - south side of South River on the north side of a creek called Beards Creek at Jacobs Creek on the east side of a cove called Shepherds Cove. Aaron also conveyed 50 acres of 100 acre plot called 'West Paddington'.

5 May 1705 - Grantor, Aaron Rawlings. AA Co., merchant. Grantee - Margaret Clarke, daughter of Richard Clarke and Elizabeth, his wife. “For good and valuable consideration” Description: All the goods and chattels and implements of household stuffe hereafter mentioned. Two tables, twelve chairs, two trunks, one chest of drawers, one large lookinglass, one small lookinglass, one brass bedpan, one belmettle mortat and pestle, a pair of brass Seales and weights, one iron dogs, one iron fender, one iron spit, one iron dripping pan, one pair of tongs and fire shovel, six brass candlesticks, one brass kettle, five iron pots and hooks, three pair of pot racks, four beds and furniture, ten iron casements & ten wondow lights, six pair of cross garnets, six pewter dishes, eighteen plates, one pewter flagon, two pewter pots, one pewter tankard, two guns, twenty head of hogs, one pair of stilliards, and four bedsteads

14 Aug 1705 - Witnessed land transaction between Daniell and Joseph Richardson, planters and Thomas Ricketts, Sr. Also witnessing were R. Duckett, Edward Moriarite. - 55 acres called Ricketts’ addition, part of Hickory Hills, adj. to Clark’s Inheritance

16 Aug 1705 - Witnessed Quaker weddong ofJohn Tiding and Mary Ellis at West River

15 Sep 1705 - Following Bill recorded at the request of Joseph Howard: At 20 days of his third bill of exchange, first and second not being paid, Aron Rawlings requests payment of £19.08 tp Wm. Boros. Addressed to John Goodwin, merchant in London

1706/06/07 Mortgage, Aaron Rawlings to Jonathan Scarth, (incomplete) (Bowie Collection Accession No.: MSA SC 103-1-3Location: 00/ 8/13 )

1707 - “ We whose names are subscribed have run out the land of Charles Tilley called Timber Neck which the said Tilley bought of Aaron Rawlins who had it by his wife Susanna, daughter of Dr. Jones, dec., which Jones bought from Richard Beard, Sr., who had it of Richard Fester, which Fester bought of Richard Huggins, AA Co. South side of South River, north side of Beard’s Creek, alias Jacobs Creek, on the east by Shepards Cove. 100 acres. Likewise 50 acres of land which the said Dr. Jones bought of the said Richard Beard, Sr., out of tract called West Udington.”

16 May 1707 - Grantor: John Contee, Charles Co., Esq. Grantee: Col. Henry Darnall, Prince Georges Co. Consideration 349.15 pounds. Description: Aron (sic) Rawlings, in consideration of 390 pounds paid by Jno Contee, and by deed dated 3 May, 1705, sold to John Contee all that tract called Bridge Hill, northward of Ann Arundel Manor in the woods, bounded by Stocketts Run, containing 563 acres. The indenture includes the whole tract.

17 Sep 1707 - Grantor: Aron (sic) Rawlings, AA Co., planter Grantee Charles Carroll, port of Annapolis, Gent. Consideration £119.05.02 - Description: That moyety of land being the Southernmost part of tract called Jones’ Lot, lately occupied by Rob’t. Kirkland, containing 175 acres. On 3 Sept Aron drew three bills of exchange for the consideration amount on Thos. Bond of London, mercht., payable to Charles Carroll. When this is paid, this Indenture is null and void. Nov. Court 1709, Charles Carroll Sr. acknowledged he is satisfied for the above mortgage.

1709 - Witnessed mortgage transaction

17 July, 1711- Mentioned in Henry Darnell of Anne Arundel County as Darnell gave to his son, Henry the “right to two mortgages given by Aaron Rawlings”

1705-1724 - Listed on Maryland Rent Rolls with: 870 a. on north side of Patapsco, " Brown's Adventure"; 563 a. Bridge Hill, n. of Anne Arundel Mann on the SE of Stocket's Run; Jones Lot, 165 a., near Stocket's Land

16 Jun 1710 - Indenture pledging part of tract called Jones Lott, 150 acres , south side of South River , together with 30 head of cattle, 30 head of hogs, and the whole crop of tobacco now growing, - when the Exchange on Jonathon Searth of London is paid to Col. Darnall, this covenant is void. Amount - 250.06.05 pounds

1711 - gave mortgage on two properties in A.A. County

1715 - Aaron Rawlings, a Quaker, gave affirmation regarding the bounds of a Division of “Timber Neck” In deposition mentioons Wm. Bateman, Christian Wheeler, relict of John Wheeler and Leonard Wayman
26 May 1716 - Henry Darnall, Executor of the Testament of Col. Henry Darnall, dec'd., acknowledge the within mentioned conditions of the 16 Jun 1710 Indenture

20 Aug 1716 - Aaron Rawlings bought indentures of three servants for seven years who were enslaved after the rebellion against the King of England in Lancashire in Great Britain

before 8 May 1724 - corresponded with Wm. Hunt of London, merchant, and had imported from Hunt goods for use of his family and yearly had shipped his crop of tobacco on consignment, on the whole of which Aaron was probably indebted.

before 8 May 1724 - Aaron had mortgaged some of
his properties to a William Stewart

8 May 1724 - entered into a bond with sons Daniel and Moses for 3,000 pounds sterling to WILLIAM HUNT with condition that father would reimburse Hunt for for all outlays past and present with interest. Aaron to consign all tobacco to be shipped for exportation. The mortgage also included the parcel of land called Bridge Hils in Anne Arundel Co. - 563 acres; also Jones Lott, 350 acres, also Hickory Hills, 100 acres: "whereas the said Aaron stands justly indebted to the said WILLIAM HUNT in a considerable sum, which by reason of tobacco unsold and other impediments cannot at present be reduced to a certainty and whereas the said William is solicited by the said Aaron to make further advances for him, which the said William has consented to..."

27 Aug 1724 - Mortgage recorded “To substantiate the security of the previous Manor laid out for 560 acres; Jones’ Lott, 350 acres taken up by William Jones; that parcel which is a piece of Hickory Hills, containing 100 acres, bought from Francis Warman and Frances, his wife; totaling 1,013 acres. Other pertinent information: The true intent is that this shall be void if Rawlings shall repay with interest the borrowed money, and ship his tobacco according to the bond.” Consideration: fiv shillings. Signatures: Aron (sic) Rawlings, Susannah (signed with an ‘R’ with a crossed leg)

10 Aug 1724 - Mortgage recorded: “Thomas Bordley, Esq., attorney of WILLIAM HUNT, Lomdon, merchant, has at the insistence of Aaron Rawlings, endorsed bills of exchange for sum of £514.12.00. Rawlings stands indebted to Hunt and posts his bond to Hunt for £3,000 with his two sons Daniel and Moses as sureties. Also, Aaron Rawlings and his wife Susannah have mortgaged their real estate except the part that has been mortgaged to Jonathon Scarth. For the sum of 5 sh, he sells to the attorney a negro man named Ned, a negro woman named Jenny about 34 years of age, one negro man named Sampson, one negro woman called Prudence about 25 years old, one negro man named Robin and one Negro woman named :Lucy about the same age, one Negro woman called Clemeny about 35 years years old, and one Negro youth called Harry about 18 years old, one old Negro man called Jeffrey, and one Negro woman called Judith about 30 years old, one Negro youth called Harper, one called Fisher, and one called Tony, one girl called Peg, one called Priscilla about 18 years old, one Negro man called William about 40 years old, Peter and Kate about 20 years old, Penny and Moll between 18 and 25 yrs. old, and three negro children Hazard, Hercules, and Robin about two years. Also 150 head of hogs, 90 head of cattle, 20 head of sheep, and 15 horses. Also five feather beds and furniture, one silver tankard, 12 silver spoons, and all othjer household goods, as well as my crop of tobacco. It is the intent if Rawlings repays Hunt, this deed is void.” Dated 8 May 1724, Recorded 10 Aug 1724 - Abstracts of Land Records Anne Arundel County, Maryland, 1719-1728
May also have had land in Berkeley Co., VA. and Pennsylvania

18 Feb 1733 - Depositions taken in the cause between Aaron Rawlings and the executors of James Carroll, deceased

2 Mar 1735 - Abraham Nelbours conveys to John Rawlings of the same county, planter, 100 acres calledRopers Range, it being a part of a large tract called Darnell’s Grove.

Recorded at Request of John Rawlins, 23 March 1735: 22 Mar 1735; Indenture between Abraham Neibors, planter, and John Rawlins, planter; for 14 obs tract called “The Beginning; bounded by “lost Hatchet” containing 100 acres; /s/ Abraham Neibours3 (mark); John Beall; Nath. Wickham, Jr. [ Liber T., page 365.] (This is in the Lake Forrest Mall, Bureau of Standards area, as I recall). This John Rawlings is Justice John Rawlings, b. c. 1705, d. 1756. He appears in the records of PG County, then Frederick, after part of PG becomes Frederick, and served as Justice of Frederick County. Was persecuted by Rep. Crabb (of same county and nearby neighbor), apparently as part of an anti-Catholic vendetta, and died shortly thereafter. His wife's name was Anna Sophia.

All the family trees I have seen have Justice John Rawlings (d. 1756, wife Anna Sophia) as the son of John Rawlings (Aaron Rawlings ward, and son of Richard Rawlings d. 1696). The only basis for this seems to be extrapolation, assuming that Aaron Rawlings gave John Rawlings “Roper’s Range” because he was the son of his ward, John Rawlings. But there are problems with this theory, if it is a theory. First, Aaron Rawlings ward John Rawlings m. Eleanor Ridgely on January 13, 1711 or 12, and son John’s birthdate is given as June 13, 1718. So in March, 1735, this John Rawlings would be short of his 17th birthday, and a minor, unless there is a mismatch in the dating system. Secondly, John Rawlings, presumably Justice John Rawlings, gives his age as 50, in 1754, in a deposition regarding land nearby to his own. He states that he was a chain-carrier with or for John Dickerson in 1735. That is a fourteen year difference from the birthdate of John Rawlings, son of Aaron Rawling’s ward.

1738 - Deposed, gave his age as 72. Said he was a Quaker -

4/14 1741 - Will in Anne Arundel Co., Vol. 8, p. 146, . 1/3 personal estate to wife Susannah
Sons William and Stephen
- 200 acres "Darnalls Groves" - "My lands in Baltimore Co., “Young’s Lot” and "Brown's Adventure" to sons and daughter Ann Jones. Aaron to hold the homestead. - Wm. and Aaron, Jr. Exec.

(?)19 Sep 1750 - Vachel Denton, living on north side of Severn, has for sale the plantation belonging to WILLIAM HUNT, Esq., merchant in London. It is “Rawlings Plantation” in Anne Arundel County between South River and Kilkenny Warehouses.?

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