The first James Rawlings (born Bef. 1697 in England, and died Bet. April 09 - June 09, 1757 in Spotsylvania Co., VA.) had established a foundry business in Virginia, which was continued by his son, James Rawlings, (born 1715 , died December 03, 1784 in Spotsylvania Co. m. Sarah, dau. of Elizabeth Rawlings and John Holladay) and which had a Montgomery County, Md. location, managed by James Rawlings III, i.e. James H. Rawlings. (b. Feb. 23, 1742, Spotsylvania Co., VA; d. 1804 in Mongomery Co., MD,)[Ref: “Descendants of James Rawlings”] :

“Notes for JAMES RAWLINGS: [born Bef. 1697 in England, and died Bet. April 09 - June 09, 1757 in Spotsylvania Co., VA.] : See RFHA Dec 1989 p 5. Indicates that it is believed this James (d 1757) came first to Maryland from England pre-1700, settling first in Prince George's Co, then moving to King William County, VA pre 1720. Both Caroline and Spotsylvania counties in VA were formed in 1720 from Essex, King and Queen, and King William Cos.” Of this James, the genealogist poses a question: “Did he have a brother or nephew Richard that md Katherine Rice in Spotsylvania Apr 11, 1746?” This geneologist also cites: “RFHA Mar 1989, p.14. There was a James Rawlins who came from England to VA c1680 according to Filby's Passenger List bibliography. Also on pg 16: from English Convicts in Colonial America Vol. 1. 1617-1775 by Coldham. James Rawlings, pleaded to transport, July 1680. This James was hired by a Maryland company to build an iron foundry. He bought land in what was then Caroline Co but is now Spotsylvania County where he built his home. He died in ‘15. “

Will of James I: Rawlings/Rallings, James: Date of Will: 1757;
Will Book B, 1749-1761 (Reel 26); p. 314-15 Will pro. 7 June 1757. p. 315-316. Excrs bond rec. 7 June 1757; p.319-321. Inv. & appr. rec. 5 July 1757. Part of index to Spotsylvania County Wills and Administrations (1722-1800) Va. Wills and Administrations. Wills aat.

James Rawlings II:

Will of Rawlings, James: 1785. Will Book E. 1772-1778 (Reel 28). p. 661-662. Will dated 15 Nov. 1781. p. 663. Exors. bond rec. 5 Apr. 1785. p. 667: Inv. & appr. dated 16 April 1785. p. 1128. Accounts rec. 1 Dec. 1791. Part of index to Spotsylvania County Wills and Administrations (1722-1800) Spotsylvania County (Va). Wills aat. Virginia Wills and Administrations.

The James Rawlings d. 1785 was the father of:
James H. Rawlings (III)
4. JAMES H.3 RAWLINGS (JAMES2, JAMES1) was born February 23, 1741/42 in Spotsylvania Co., VA, and died 1804 in Montgomery Co., MD. He married MARY CROW, daughter of JAMES CROW and MARY FARMER.

RFHA June 1996 p.20.:
Montgomery Co. MD - James Rawlings, Will BK E, p. 116, will written Apr. 10, 1804, will proved June 16, 1804. Left land in Spotsylvania Co., VA, to children Sarah, Mary, James H., Benjamin and Richard. Also land which had come to him from his wife. Also to brother Benjamin, and to granddaughter, child of dtr. Mary and her husband Edward Berry. Exec: sons James H., Benjamin and Richard.

James H. Rawlins, b. Feb. 23, 1742, Spotsylvania Co., VA; d. 1804 in Mongomery Co., MD, in 1804. He married Mary Crow, dtr. of James and Mary (Farmer) Crow of Maryland. James was actually the third of that name in the direct line, his grandfather coming from England to Maryland, then VA. His son James Jr. had a large family, of which James H. was the eldest. James Jr.[2. JAMES2 RAWLINGS (JAMES1) was born 1715 in England, and died December 03, 1784 in Spotsylvania Co., VA. He married SARAH HOLLADAY October 04, 1738, daughter of JOHN HOLLADAY and ELIZABETH RAWLINGS.RFHA Dec 1989, p5. His will names 8 children: Benjamin, Thomas, Joseph, James, John, Mary Gains, Agnes Gains, and Rebecca.] carried on his father's iron foundry business in Spotsylvania Co., VA, and James H. was sent to Montgomery Co., MD. to build and manage another foundry.”

James H. Rawlins had the following children: James H. IV, b. ca 1779 in Md. died post-1804. Md Sally Ann __; Richard, b. c1781 in MD; d. 1862 in Orange Co., VA. m. Lucy Scott Herndon Apr 17, 1807, in Orange Co., VA.; Benjamin, b c 1783 in Md., m. Ann __ in Baltimore, Md, and had no children, he died post 1864; Sarah (Sally) m. Henry Howard in 1806; John Holladay, b 1785 in MD.,m. Mildred Trigere Apr 2, 1809 he is not found in his father's will; Mary (Polly) m. Edward Berry Feb 1802.

The Maryland Foundry James Rawling’s brother was : 5. JOHN HOLLADAY3 RAWLINGS, who ended up in Clark Co., Ky, and his son,James Dawson, was the father of John Aaron Rawlings. For detail on this familly see RFHA Jun 1995 p.18-19 adn RFHA Sep 1995 p.31.
There is a correction in RFHA Mar 1996 p.2 changing son William to dau Wilma (b1804.)