Listing of graves in the old Presbyterian Cemetery in Romney

David Gibson testified on Dec. 28, 1835, that  “he was well acquainted with Lloyd Rawlings Dec'd late of the county aforesaid and that the said Lloyd Rawlings died in the town of Romney in the county aforesaid about the year 1824 and that the said Lloyd Rawlings was upwards of twenty-one years of age at the time of his death

Names have been taken from articles in The Hampshire Review in 1871. (one on April 14, 1871). The lot mentioned here is now the parking lot for the Romney Volunteer Fire Department on the southwest corner of Gravel Lane and High Street. The lot was leveled in the 1930s; only a few headstones were moved to Indian Mound Cemetery.

Indian Mound Cemetery

site of Fort Pearsall in 1754

Politicians buried in Indian Mound Cemetary include John Jeremiah Jacob (1829-1893) and John Jacob Cornwell (1867-1953)

William Naylor

Eliza, the wife of the Rev. O. Parkison

John McDowell

William Sherrard

Susan consort of J. B. Sherrard

two wives of David Gibson

Dr. Robert Newman

the sister of an English baronet

John Baker White, Jr.

Louisa Aloinda, (the wife of John B. White, Sr.)

Mrs. Mary Blair
Thomas Blair
his mother

Wm. Mulledy

Wm J. Armstrong

J. B. Kercheval

A. W. McDowell

Mrs. Wm. Armstrong and her daughter-in-law

Capt. Adam Heiskell (Rev. War)

Chris. Heiskell

Mrs. Eliz Fitzgerald (Mammy Betsey)

John Jack and his wife, and his sons, James and Carlton, and his daughter Juliet.

Mary, the grand niece of Lord Fairfax

Margaret Black

pauper's grave

John and William Endler, and the old lady "Mammy" Endler

Ragland, the lawyer

Craig Woodrow

Col. Woodrow (once County Clerk) and Andrew, his son, and other members of that family

James Dailey

strangers' graves


Geo. Porterfield

Eliza Wilson Foote

Nathaniel Kuykendall

Peter Peters

Mr. Joseph Combs

poor Nelly and her babe

Eli Davis; his wife sleeps by his side: also a son and grand-children


Mrs. McGuire -- the mother of the second wife of Wm. Naylor; her son, Samuel McGuire and his wife, a daughter of Woodrow

Mrs. Sallie, the wife of Felix Davis

Mary M., (wife of Wm. S. Naylor), she lies here with a babe by her side

Miss Charity Johnson

Dr. Snyder, the physician

Dr. Dyer (who was removed from his first grave)

Mrs. Kitty, (wife of James Vance; by the side of her first husband, Mr. Jacob Heiskell)

Samuel Heiskell, and his son Adam

Elizabeth, (wife of F. W. Heiskell, daughter of Christopher Heiskell)

Granny Fitsgerald

Mrs. Cherry

Jas. McDonald

George Y. Houser

Mrs. Susan, (wife of Otho W. Heiskell, of Wheeling)

Mrs. Rachael, (wife of Capt. George Leps); her two daughters, Susan and Bettie

Mr. Josiah Samuel; two little grandchildren lie with him

John Barker

Chichester Tapscott lies by his sister, Mrs. White

LLoyd Rawlings

the stranger, Wood, (a relative of Mrs. Blair)

Margaret Moreland rests with her infants

Mr. John Friddle

Mr. Busby

Betty Evans

Mrs. Kitty Cookus

David Griffith, by his side rests his wife

Catharine (daughter of John Endler, and wife of John W. Marshall)

Mrs. Kitty Kirk, rests with her son and her little grandchildren

Source: Historic Historic - List of graves(

The Davis House,155 West Main St. in Romney was built in 1798

Lloyd Rawlings was the son of Colonel Moses Rawlings. He was the great-grandson of Aaron Rawlings and Susanna Jones Rawlings. His Great Uncle was Stephen Rawlings, who resided in Berkeley County (now West Virginia), but some of his cousins has moved on to Kentucky. Other Rawlings resided on Patterson Creek in Hampshire County during this period, but we don't know if or how they were related to Lloyd.

Lloyd Rawlilngs family had resided on the South River in Anne Arundel County for at least 150 years prior to Lloyd's lonely death in Romney, (W) Va. His great-great grandfather, Dr. William Jones died there in 1678, and another relative, Richard Rawlings, had lived there since at least c 1675, when a man named Hubbert Lambert cut down trees and forcibly chased him off the land he was leasing from Quaker Henry Pierpoint. Other South River family descendants, however, such as those of Sylvester Welch, also had become residents of Hampshire County. Lloyd's Great-grandfather, Aaron Rawlings, and Sylvester Welsh had both been in trouble with the Royal Governor in 1707, for assisting the “Pirate” Richard Clarke. Lloyd's grandmother, Susannah Beard Rawlings, was related to the family of Richard Clarke's mother, , and there may have been other relationships that we do not know of, because Aaron Rawlings appears to have engaged in transactions to assist the wife of Richard Clarke, Elizabeth Mariartee. Lloyd Rawlings Great Uncle, Moses Rawlings, a Gent., Quaker from Baltimore County, married the “Pirate’s” daughter, Ruth Clarke.

Lloyd Rawlings Great Aunt was Mary Rumney, daughter of Edward Rumney, of Rumney's Tavern in an archeological site. The counterfeiting during the French and Indian War. Her brother-in-law Stephen Rawliings, who owned George Washington's officers during that same war, for serving troops alchohol, despite orders not to do so. An apparent relative of theirs, Justice John Rawlings, was persecuted by the General Assembly, apparently for being allied with the Catholics, or being married to a Catholic. Lloyd's greatgrandparents and grandparents, however, were Quakers. The Quakers were allied with the Calverts, because the Calverts had allowed religious freedom, and did not restrict office-holders to the Church of England, whereas the Protestant Calvinists and the Church of England elites, wanted to impose religious alliance and doctrine on the colonists. This alliance can be seen when many Quakers, including Lloyd Rawlings Great-grandfather Aaron, purchased Jacobite POWs in 1716. Eventually, Catholics were taxed at twice the rate as all other citizens, and were not allowed to hold office.

There are no records of the cause of Lloyd Rawling's death, at age 24 in Romney, (W) Va. His sister Anne also died young, in Skipton/Old Town, Maryland. Only his brother Moses lived on to carry down the progeny of Colonel Moses Rawlings. Poor Lloyd Rawlings now lies beneath the concrete of the Romney fire station parking lot.

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