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Descendants of John Rawlings 1. JOHN1 RAWLINGS was born Bef. 1715, and died Bet. March 26 - November, 1747 in Northampton Co., NC. He married ELIZABETH WYCHE Abt. 1729, daughter of WILLIAM WYCHE and JUDITH.   Notes for JOHN RAWLINGS: I am guessing that this John's dau Lucy was the Lucy that md Frederick McLin in 1760 in Southampton.   According to __Jordan Journal__, by Robert (Bob) Jordan, John Rawlings' will was dated March 26, 1747 and probated at the November court in 1747 [in Northampton Co.], naming daughters as Lucy and Susanna Rawlings and his wife as Hannah Rawlings. Wit: Arthur Harris, William Rawlings, George Jordan Sr., and George Jordan, Jr. Bob states that Lucy Rawlings was the only surviving child of John Rawlings and Elizabeth Wyche. [ I need to find this, the wife doesn't make sense. Should be Elizabeth.]   RFHA Dec 1990 p 4. From the NC Historical and Genealogical Register; Vol. 1, #3 July 1990.   Abstraacts of Wills executed prior to 1760, compiled from the originals in the office of the Sec. of State at Raleigh, NC.   John Rawlins, Northampton Co., March 26, 1747-Nov. Court 1747. Heirs are wife Hannah, dtrs. Susannah and Lucy. Wm. Rawlings a testator. [This is a second reference that the will says "Hannah".]  
Northampton Co NC Deeds:
  DB 1 pg 45. EDWARD JACKSON on N, to Ralph Wilson of N, 10 May 1742 150 pounds, 100 acres on Morratoke river, joining Hosea Tapley, a branch, Gillam's Island, Philip Morris and a botton part of a greater dividend of land granted to Hinch Gillam. Wit: Art Harris, JOHN RAWLINGS, George Morris. Reg. Northampton Co. Nov. Ct. 1742. J. Edwards C. Ct.
  DB 1 pg 282. JACOB LITTLE of N to RIVER of JORDAN of N 24 Feb. 1746 100 pounds, 150 acres on south side of the Cypress swamp joining John Gregory, Charles Gregory and a branch, part of a patent to Gabriel Parker for 300 acres 4 Aug. 1741. Wit JOHN RAWLINGS, WILLIAM RAWLINGS. Reg. Northampton Co. Feb Ct. 1746 John Hooker D.C. Ct.
  DB 1 pg 291. RIVER OF JORDAN of N to JACOB LITTLE of Isle of Wight Co., Va. 23 Feb 1746 20 pound, 125 acrs on the south side of Fountain's creek, joining Robert Little, Bryant and the Co line. Granted to the sd. River of Jordan by patent 22 Feb 1744. Wit: JOHN RAWLINGS, John Tarver, WILLIAM RAWLINGS. Reg Feb Ct 1746. John Hooker DCCT.
  This was the last mention of John or William in the DB's other than the ref to John and Eliz having died (see below)
  DB 1 pg 487. RICHARD AVERY and SARAH his wife and WILLIAM EDMONDS and JUDITH his wife all of Sussex Co., Va. to LUCY RAWLINGS (co. not identified) the only child and heir at law of JOHN RAWLINGS and ELIZABETH his wife late of the province of N.C. decd. 20 July 1758 whereas CYRILL WYCHE late of Surry Co., decd. in his lifetime and at his death was possessed of the following tracts of land: 150 acres more or less on Hunting Quarter swamp in Surry Co., Va., now Sussex Co., Va., 135 acres on Maherin river in Brunswick Co., Va, and 620 acres on Roanoak river in N.C. and the sd. CYRILL departed this life intestate and without issue leaving the sd. SARAH, JUDITH AND ELIZABETH his sisters, now the sd. RICHARD and SARAH and the sd. WILLIAM AND JUDITH relinquish their right in the sd. 620 acres. Wit: Thomas Parker, Benjamin Clements, Jr. Reg. Oct Ct 1758
.   DB 1 543. WILLIAM EATON of Granville Co. to DAVID HYDE of Va. (co not identified) 22 Feb 1759 for 130 pounds. 295 acre on the north side of Roanoak river, joining John Edmonds gentleman and LUCY RAWLING Wit: Robert Jones, Jr., thomas Eaton. Reg. Apr Ct 1759.
  Edgecombe Co NC DB 2 pg 435. MR. ROBERT JONES, JR, of Sussex Co., Va. attorney-at-law to MIALL WILDER of Johnston Co. 18 Feb. 1756 5 shillings ..200 acres on both sides of Little Cateachnet - all houses, gardens, orchards, fences etc. - a grant to JOHN RAWLINGS 20 June 1746 and by him conveyed to ROBERT JONES, JR. Wit: (not given) Reg Feb Ct 1756 J. Montfort C. Ct.   Edgecombe Co NC DB 3 pg 369. JOSEPH BRADLEY of E to JOSEPH JOHN ALSTON of E esquire 15 May 1749 for 37 pounds, 400 acres on the south side of Roanoke river at the mouth of a spring branch below JOHN ROLLING'S landing as by patent to the sd. BRADLEY 25 Sep 1742. Wit; JOHN PERRY, FRANCIS RIGGIN. Reg Aug Ct 1749.
  Surry Co ? Patent Book 22. JOHN RAWLINGS, 170 acs Surry and Is. of Wight Counties on the N side of the three Creeks, on the S side of the Great SW., adj Michael Upchurch, Christopher Golikeley & John Golikeley; 10 Jul 1745
, p 312. 1 pound. (I'm not sure which John this is.)
  Note that JAMES RIDLEY got 820 acs. Is. of Wight Co on the S side of Nottoway Riv., by Ridleys br., by the West Prong of the fork br., by the North Prong of Ridleys br.; adj his own old lines, Timothy THARP, Edward Harris & Nathaniel Ridley 10 July 1745, p. 308. Part came from 815 acs Pat 16 Jun 1714 (PB 10 p. 152) to Nathaniel Ridley (since decd) and by him devised to sd James Ridley.  
Note thatJOSHUA NICHOLSON, got 275 acs. Is. of Wight Co on the S side of the three Creeks, by the North Prong of Ridleys Br.; adj. John Vaughan, James Ridley & James Bennet; 1 Aug 1745, p. 329.    
Notes for ELIZABETH WYCHE: See her Father Wm Wyche