Will of JOHN CONVERS; 1654. WIFE SUSANNAH CONVERS, EXEC. ; DAUGHTER LUCY CONVERS, DAU. OF LATE WIFE LUCEY: money due her by death of her grandmother and by death of HER BROTHER THOMAS, now in the hands of MERCHANT, EDWARD BUSHELL, and all plate marked with her mother’s mark and his. SON JOHN CONVERS. FRIEND CAPT. JOHN FOX to be OVERSEER OF WILL and ATTORNEY TO RECEIVE HIS DEBTS IN VIRGINIA and for his CARGO ABOARD THE THOMAS AND ANNE worth £379.15.4 and 3 SERVANTS worth £30. These goods are on the account of WILLIAM LOWFIELD,JOHN CUTLING, AND JOHN CONVERS. Attorney may select an assistant to dispose of various CASES OF WATERS.

His clothes, CHEST OF MEDICINES, and anything else on his account to be disposed of for his executrix.

His SERVANT GEROMIAH [Rawlings1] will be disposed of to MR. HENRY LEE OF YORK RIVER who will be a fit master for him.

To MRS. ELIZABETH FOX for a ring may be taken out of this money here on board and the remainder distributed to his wife.

1 Somewhere I have more of this will which discusses servant Geremiah Rawlings at greater length, which I plan to post at a later date. But I had this image of the record below that I wanted to go ahead and post in case it is helpful.

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The Rawlings Family of Maryland