1756: Some Residents of a portion of what is now Montgomery County, Maryland are signators to a petition for the establishment of an establishment church parish for their district


There are three of these petitions, each bearing a large number of signatures that were apparently circulated in different parts of All Saints Parish, which may be designated as (1), (2), and (3). All three petitions are practically identical as to their wording so the preamble of only the first one is given; the list of signatures alone being printed for petitions (2) and (3). A number of the names are those of Germans. The signatures in German script of some of them are scarcely decipherable. In such cases the names are either omitted in whole or in part or are queried.

(Petition 1.)

To His Excellency Hor:o Sharpe Esq.r Governour ofMaryland, And the Honour.ble the Upper and Lower Housesof Assembly, of said Province now Convened.

The Petetion of the Freeholders and Freemen of Allsaints Parishin Frederick County humbly Sheweth —

That Whereas the afores.d Parish, from its Vast Extent, and greatNumber of People residing therein, has rendered it Impracticable, forany one Clergyman, to discharge his Function in such a manner, as toImprove and Edify the People, so Amply and fully, as Christianityand the Nature of the thing requires. We are to Inform your Excellency and Hon.", that the Thirty -p poll of the said Parish, amounts atpresent to near Eighty Thousand pounds of Tobacco. And that thesaid Parish includes the whole County, Except a small part betweenSenecar and Rock-creek; which being abstracted £ rom the other, theParish Remains then above a hundred and fifty miles in length, besidesits Extent every way, as it is now peopled at present. From this inconvenience, the Word of God, and Christian knowledge, is muchImpeded and hindered. Numbers of the Parishioners cannot go toChurch at all: and others, (who otherways being well-wishers to theOrthodox reformed Religion of the Church of England) have theirChildren Baptiz'd, by dissenting Ministers and others again, joynthemselves in "Worship with others Sectaries, as Quakers &c. YourPetetioners therefore pray your Excell :cy and Honrs, to take our stateand Circumstances into your most serious Consideration; and grantthat an Act may Pass, for the Dividing the said Parish, which may bein force, immediately after the Death of the Rev.d Sam.l Hunter, ourpresent Incumbent, that your Petetioners may have the free Exerciseof the Word of God preached to us, and the Sacraments duly Administer'd to our Edification and Comfort. We pray for the Dividingline, to begin at the mouth of Manockacy, and to run up with the saidCreek, 'til it Intersects the Pensilvanian Line. The lower part ofwhich Division will be a compact Uniform Parish, and wo'd amountby the Number of Taxables at present, to upwards of Twenty SevenThousand pounds of Tob :o, which we pray maybe a distinct Parish byanother name. And your Petetioners as in duty bound will everpray—

George Norris
Alex.r Pearre
John Jacobs
Jon :a Willson
Phillip Pindell
Tho :s Kirk
William Saer
Jn :o Rawlings
John Veatch
Garah Davis
Jonathan Markland
Witness to the will of Justice John Rawlings, proved 10 sept. 1756
Charles Bussey [?]
Wadsworth Wilson

William Haies

Jeremiah Veatch

Joseph Harris

Tho.s Howard

James Veatch juner

Thomas Appleton

Beniaman Veatch

Alex: Magruder

Hendery Allison

William Mackay

William Wilson

James Beall

Josieas Beens

Eward Nicholls

Jn.o Tannehill

Gabril Hughs

Nathan Veatch

Rob:t Mitchell

Tho.s Hynton Jun :r

Ezek: Goslen

Vachell Hinton

Charles Hayes

Geo Lynton Jun.r

Jeremiah Hayes

Michaell Dowden

James Veatch Sen.r

John Hinton

Daniel Veatch

Stephen Hampton

Ninnian Veatch

Thomas Hinton Senr

Jn.o Norris

Thomas Leoshear

Thomas Veatch

Jam.s Coffee

John Johnson

Jacob Townshend A.B. Clk

Tho.s Johnson Jun.r

Rob:t Constable

Basil Hay

Geo: Bussey

Tho.s Stewart

Hugh Roby

Edward Darnall

Ephraim Davis

Newton Chiswell

John Harriss

Tho:s Birdwhistle

Samuel Linton

Susan Buyer has some very helpful family tree outlines on her excellent site. These of course are sometimes limited to her and contain some inaccuracies, since they are not her main branches but are taken from what could be gleaned from publications on these branches-- some of which may have been subsequently disproved, but they are helpful “at a glance” references to several generations and the extended families:

Burgess Family Tree (pdf)/ (photo of the tombstone of William Burgess at All Hallows)

Map locating Londontowne from old Maryland Map/ Mackelfresh(html) Mackelfresh PDF Outline

Maccubbin Outline pdf/ Griffith Outline pdf/ Dorsey Outline pdf/ Hammond Outline (pdf)

Many of Susan Buyers ancestors and their associates were Quaker founders of the community at Monocacy. She has included a very helpful map of this region, which includes southern Frederick and northern Montgomery County (formed 1776 from Frederick) and A Frederick County Saga: Wood and related families on her page about New Market, Maryland, which also has a link to the New Market Photo Tour

A copy of her beautiful photograph of Sugarloaf Mountain, as well as links to her other photographs can be found on our Justice John Rawlings page.

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